Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Mango Suji Halwa / Mango Rava Sheera / Mango Kesari

      Today I am sharing one of the famous dish from India is '' Mango Sheera/Mango Kesari/ Mango Suji Halwa. Recipe, texture would differ from state to state but the basic ingredients are same. Its nothing but rava/semolina halwa with addition of mango flavor, which gives a nice, aromatic fruity flavor to halwa. In mango season, I would prefer to make this halwa and we all love this..... !! I am not a fan of desserts but likes few dishes. This is the one, I love it so much.
      In most households in India, Sheera is for breakfast or for puja as a prasad. Main ingredient while making sheera is 'ghee', it gives rich taste. My mom always makes this without any measurement, we feel crazy to have this again and again....... :)

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