Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Instant Spinach Thalipith / How To Make Maharashtrian Thalipith

            Today, I am sharing one of the popular dish which is often make in Marashtrian households. This is Easy, healthy, filling and nutritious thalipith which is made from multigrain flour or In marathi Bhajni. I remember as a kid, mom usually made this on sunday and serve with ghee or pickle..... ahhh, Do I need to say anything!!

        Mom usually make bhajani flour  ( a flour mixture of different grains) in a bulk. Whenever I went to India, she made fresh bhajni flour for me. Here we get K-pra bhajni flour but sum times it gets smelly. So I decided to make my own bhajni flour with mixing of different flours.The end result is yummy, tasty and nutritious thalipith. It gave me lots of praises. Try out this easy & crispy thalipith, I am sure your family will love it !!

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