Monday, April 20, 2015

No Bake Eggless Strawberry Oreo Cheesecake–No agar agar No gelatin


              Time flies so fast and last week when I went through my posts, I realize this is my 100 post !!ApplauseParty I am very happy write my 100 post and feeling wonderful that I post such easy and tasty recipes. For growing this happiness, I decided to try cheesecake but I am afraid with these kind of no bake cheesecake. Followed every step and voila Dancing I was surprise, cake came out  wonderful and brought a big smile on my face.Blushing


            Since long time I wanted to tried my hand on cheesecake. I goggled up found this easy recipe & try to replicate the same. This is spectacular cake paired with Oreo crust and strawberry milk powder without agar agar & gelatin .  Try out this luscious, creamy, colorful bake and because off its no bake it is very easy to make !!

Birthday cakeThumbsup



Prep Time: 1 hour |Resting time: 6-7 hours | Make: 9 inch cake


Ingredient for Crust

Oreo Crumbs

2 cups


1/4 cup


2 tbsp


Ingredient for Cheesecake

Cream cheese

24 oz


1/2 cup

Vanilla Extract

1 tsp

Strawberry Milk Powder ( I used Nesquik)

1/2 cup


1 tbsp

Cool whip

8 oz( 1 cup)

How to make?

  • Separate white part and keep aside Oreo cookies. Add in a mixer jar. Pulse for 20 seconds until the mixture has coarse in texture.

  • In a mixing bowl add Oreo crumbs, butter and sprinkles, give it a nice mix.


  • Line and grease cake pan ( I used springform pan ) with parchment paper and butter. Transfer above crust into cake pan and press it firmly into bottoms and sides of cake pan. Set in a refrigerator to firm nicely.


  • In another bowl take cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract, strawberry milk powder and milk. Give it a good mix until the mixture gets smooth and well combined.

  • Add cool whip slowly and gently combined.


  • Pour this mixture into Oreo crust ( which is set in refrigerator). Refrigerate for overnight or 6-7 hrs or until firms.


  • Once the cheesecake firm, remove cheesecake from springform pan and decorate with sprinkles.

  • Refrigerate cheesecake until ready to serve Smile


Notes :

  • Instead of strawberry milk powder you can add chocolate milk powder also.

  • Setting time is most important while making this cake.

  • Also use whipped cream instead of cool whip.


  1. Congratulations sonali..cheesecake look too yumm

  2. Congrats Sonlali for ur 10th post n yes this cak looks just perfect !!!

  3. Congrts for your 100 th post.. Cake looks delicious love it:-)

  4. Congrats for your 100th post and keep the good work going:)..Waiting to see more:)...The cake looks absolutely stunning:)

  5. Congrats!! Keep blogging...
    Cake looks tempting....

  6. wow... without the gelatin, it is so stiff!!! Good one dear... congrats on ur achievement, looking forward for me... :)

  7. congrats..!!! the cheesecake looks fabulous.

  8. Congrats dear ! cheese cake looks good & delicious.

  9. Congrats dear..the cheesecake looks just awesome dear...very well made and nicely explained too..keep rocking dear...God Bless!!

  10. Looks awesome!! Love the pink color all over :) Congrats on you 100th post!!

  11. Congrats on your 100th dear,looking forward to many more 100s..Lovely cheesecake,yummy!

  12. Yummy luking cheese cake n congrats dear.

  13. Congratulations Sony ....this looks absolutely divine ...v gorgeous and easy cake and you have explained it soo beautifully :)

  14. Congrats...Lovely and yummy cheesecake..

  15. congraz for your 100th post. the colour of cake.

  16. Congrats on your 100th dear cake looks awesome

  17. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I really want to try this but just wondering, Will the cake will be good if I prepared it on Thursday for coming Saturday's celebration? Please advice. How early I can prepare this cake.

  18. Thanks Jinsy....... Yes, you can make it on Thursday, it will be Gud up to 3 to 4 days if handled properly!! Hope this help. Don't forget to Share your feedback !!


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