Thursday, March 26, 2015

Murmura Chivda– Spicy Puffed Rice - Bhadang

DSC_0928             I know everyone should like this spicy and tempting munch !In love It is very simple to make with very less oil. My daughter likes these munch when she comes back from school. Even we love to have it with cup of hot tea. Chivda is in very light, healthy form and there are various fancy and different chivdas are made during waddings or festivals. Every single person loves chivda in any form, and the best chivda is made at home. As child and even today my favorite past time is to watch comedy movie and gobble bowls and bowls of fresh chivda. Roasting murmura gives crunchy taste and stay crispy longer. Garlic and sesame seeds gives the extra flavor. You can prepare these snack and store it in airtight container. Here is quick and easy snack recipe…….Open-mouthed smile

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