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Layered Karanji / Gujiya–Easy Diwali Recipe


Diwali festival in Maharashtra is incomplete without crunchy Chakli and cute crescent shape  layered karanji. Karanji or gujia is very popular in Diwali among all Maharashrian householdsOpen-mouthed smile. You forget everything when these crunchy and crispy karanji’s melt in your mouth.

          My mom makes this usually 2-3 days before Diwali. Generally stuffing is made with fresh dry coconut, rava, and powdered sugar. But you can use dry fruits, khava and gulkand or even freshly grated coconut etc for stuffing. While preparing these you have to invest more efforts and time, but believe me, its worthHot smile. Now to the recipe……….



Prep Time: 35 minutes | Cook time: 20 minutes | Makes: 10-12


All Purpose flour

1/2 cup

Suji / Rava



3-4 tbsp (divided)

Corn flour

2 tbsp


4 tbsp


To taste


For deep frying

 For Stuffing 


1 tsp

Dry roasted  coconut

1/2 cup

Rava/Suji (optional)

2 tsp

poppy seeds

1 tbsp

Dry fruits

3 tbsp

Powdered sugar

1/4cup +1 tbsp

Cardamom powder

1/2 tsp


 How to make?

  • Heat ghee (1 & 1/2 tbsp) in a small kadhai. In mixing bowl add All purpose flour, rava, salt and heated ghee, mix well till all the ingredients combine well. Add enough milk slowly and knead the stiff dough like poori. Cover and keep aside for 30 minutes.


  • Meanwhile Lets make stuffing: Heat a pan, add little ghee and roast rava till golden brown and crispy. Transfer rava into mixture. Again heat little ghee and roast poppy seeds for 1 minute. Add roasted poppy seeds, dryfruits cardamom powder and dry roasted coconut, combine all ingredients. Add powder sugar and stir well.       Untitled-2

  • For spread : In a small mixing bowl add corn flour and ghee (approx.2 tbsp), beat it with back of spoon till it becomes fluffy and lump free. set aside.Divide dough into three equal parts.


  • Roll out each dough ball in to very thin roti and keep aside. Take 1 roti apply spread evenly. Place another roti and apply spread. Same process apply with 3rd roti.


  • Make a tight roll. Cut the roll into small pieces. Roll it out in a rectangular shape. Do not turn while rolling. Put a small spoon of stuffing at the center. Apply some milk on side and seal it gently by pressing your fingers. Cut the edges using karanji cutter spoon.


  • Repeat the process with rest of the balls. Make sure, covered karanji under cloth till frying.

  • Heat oil in kadhai, fry karanji’s over medium flame till it becomes slightly brown.  Keep it on tissue paper.


  • Karanji’s are ready to serve.


Sending this to Vardhini's Dish It Out-Diwali Bash Event and to Diwali Recipes Event at Mayuri's Jikoni


Notes :

  • Always use roasted coconut for stuffing. It gives crunchy taste and the stuffing will be fresh for weeks.

  • If you don’t have karanji cutter, use fork to seal the edges of karanji.

  • Use margarine instead of ghee while making spread.

  • For crispy karanji, add very hot ghee while making dough.

  • Cool karanji’s completely then store it in air tight container. Stays fresh for weeks.



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