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Kaju Katli–Easy Diwali Sweet Recipe

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           There are few sweets that you hold in a supreme position in your mind. Sweets like kaju katli and Rasmalai are two most popular sweets that everyone loves itHot smile. In India, Kaju katli is very famous sweet and often presented to the guest on auspicious occasions or during Diwali Festival. I referred too many sites and found the correct measurement. I tried this twice before but the somehow I added powder cashew after sugar syrup passes the correct consistency. This time I waited till the exact sugar consistency  and turn out perfect !! Sugar consistency plays a vital role here.

          For a perfect kaju katli you have to learn few techniques i.e perfect sugar syrup, grinded cashew and most important kneading the dough. You have to be careful right from the first step to get perfect melt in mouth katli. Now I am confident to make this sweet again……Rolling on the floor laughing



Prep Time: 12 minutes | Cook time: 20 minutes | Makes: 12-14



1 cup


1/2 cup


1/4 cup


For greasing


How to make?

  • Grind cashew & make a fine powder not a paste. Make sure cashew should be at room temperature only. Do not overload the mixer. Put little by little at a time. ( I done 2 batches )


  • Now make sugar syrup. Take water and sugar in to pan and bring it to boil on low flame. Then it start bubble up, keep stirring continuously till it reaches the one string consistency. 


  • Now add powder cashew keep stirring on low flame. The mixture will start thickened and starts boiling. Keep stirring till it almost forms dough. This will take 7-8 minutes. Apply little water on fingers and pinch little ball and roll between your fingers. If you roll it without sticking, then this is the perfect dough consistency


  • At this stage swich off the gas and transfer dough into plate.When the mixture is still warm, keep kneading for 1 minute. If the mixture gets dry apply some 1 tsp ghee and knead it in to smooth dough.


  • Place butter paper and grease it with ghee. Roll the kaju dough into thin layer with a greased rolling pin. Cut in to diamond shapes. ( I used my pizza cutter)


  • Cool down and store it in airtight container.


Sending this to Vardhini's Dish It Out-Diwali Bash Event and to Diwali Recipes Event at Mayuri's Jikoni


Notes :

  • Rolling on butter paper or foil gives smooth texture to katlis.

  • Cashew should be at room temperature only. If you use refrigerated cashew, bring it to room temp. and then use.

  • Do not overdo while grinding cashew, made it in few batches. Run the mixture straight for 10 seconds, if there are tiny bits , its perfectly done. Do not overdone.

  • Sugar consistency is most imp here. As per my experience you have to keep on eye while making sugar syrup. If sugar syrup passes the correct consistency and you add powdered cashew, then your dough cant come together and crumbly.

  • If the mixture gets dry, don’t panic! Apply 1 tsp of ghee and knead it. Also you can use milk but you have to refrigerate katlis and finish it within 2-3 days.

  • From starting itself, flame shoud be on low flame.

  • Always use good quality cashew.

  • You can use rose essence for extra flavor. Add it into sugar syrup.


  1. Wow.. Kaju katli looks so perfectly done.. Tempting clicks dear

  2. Im having some cashewnuts now thinking of making these :D

  3. Its one of my favourite sweet! But never tried making it :(

  4. Great. Must compliment your teaching method. Thanks .

  5. Beautiful ones..loved the perfect shapes too,Sony :)

  6. Well explained...catchy clicks it...

  7. Wow!!!!!!!!!!! kaju katli my favourtie diwali sweet.loved it.

  8. Tried this but my mixer is very dry not able to make dough what to do

    1. May be sugar syrup consistency or you stirred bit more time. Another possibility that may be you did all precession on high heat. But as I say in my post , don't panic if the mixture gets dry. Sprinkle some ghee or milk and knead at least 1 minute. It will work !!

  9. Wow loved d recipe n ur superb presentation...liked ur page n gladly following u....

    1. Thanks Nayana...... Keep visiting !!

  10. Indeed easy to make and indeed, simply tempting.

  11. Cutli looks perfect dear ..I love it always .

  12. These are so beautifully made! Must have tasted wonderful!!

  13. Many thanks Sony. ..Wonderful recipe.....I had never tried it before ....I followed your recipe and it came out very son loved it! The amazing pics helped a lot! Bookmarking your site to my favourites! Cheers, Manju

    1. Thanks Manju..... For trying and sharing your feedback!

  14. Awesome kaju katli........................looks very inviting.

  15. Perfect slices,great work,u r a superb cook sony

  16. awesome pics... kaju katli is my favourite as well...

  17. Nice post. I like your posts.


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