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Chirote– Sweet Chirota Recipe



              Chirote is very popular traditional sweet in Maharashtrian Diwali. It is crispy, flaky and prepared with flour, suji, ghee and powdered sugar.  Process of making them is bit tedious but after making these crunchy goodies, you cant resist yourself to grab countless. This is again my moms special recipe, I love everything she makes for Diwali but her Chirote are the best !!In love It can be prepared by two methods. One is dipping chirote in sugar syrup and second is sprinkled powdered sugar after drain chirotas. I followed the second method. On This Diwali try out this famous Indian sweet for your family and friends !! Hot smile



Prep Time: 45 minutes | Cook time: 20 minutes | Makes: 18-20




3/4 cup

Suji/ Semolina

1/4 cup


1+4 tsp

Powdered sugar

1/2  cup

Rice flour/corn flour

4 tsp


1/4 cup


How to make?

  • In small pan heat 1 tsp ghee on high flame. Take maida and suji in a mixing bowl Add hot ghee over maida and suji mixture. Mix everything nicely.


  • Add milk slowly and knead into smooth dough. Cover and keep aside for 30-35 minutes.Divide dough into 6 equal parts. Roll each ball and make a very thin chapati. Try to roll it very thin. Keep them aside separately.


  • We will prepare 3 chapatis at a time. In a small pan melt 4 tsp ghee and make a paste by adding rice flour or cornflour. 


  • Take 1 chapati, spread 1 tsp rice/corn flour paste on top of it. Place second chapati and spread paste and again place third chapati and spread paste. Now start rolling the chapatis and make a tight roll. Repeat same process with another 3 thin chapatis and make a roll.


  • Cut roll in to 1 inch pieces. Take one piece of dough, keep plain side up and roll slightly. Keep aside and covered in a cheesecloth.  You can see the layers after rolling.

  • Untitled-5

  • Heat oil for deep frying on medium flame. Put 2-3 chirotas and deep fry them till golden brown.

  • Drain chirota on paper towel and immediately sprinkle 3-4 pinch sugar on it. place another chirota over this sprinkled sugar chirota. So that sugar will be coated down side as well.


  • Let it cool down and store it in airtight container.


Notes :

  • Always pour hot ghee while making dough. If ghee is not hot enough, it will affect on crunchiness.

  • Use ghee and rice/corn flour paste separate for each roll.  While making second roll, you will not be able to spread as its get thick after sometime. And you don’t even heat again as we have added rice flour in to it.

  • If you want you can make one string sugar syrup and dip chirota into it.




  1. its like gujju's satpadi puris. except we don't put sugar on it, but looks very tempting.

  2. this is new to me,tempting one..Wishing u a happy Diwali :)

  3. i havnt tried it before.. bookmarked for sure:)

  4. I remember having chorites in my maharastrian friends house. I love this.
    Looks so delish. Very tempting dear.
    Happy Diwali to you and your family

  5. very tempting one... new to me....

  6. This makes me tempting........u made it perfectly..... :)

  7. very tempting dessert.. Looks delicious

  8. looks so delicious and tempting!

  9. Happy diwali:) this look super super tempting and inviting:) never heard of this:)

  10. Happy diwali sony.perfectly made chitotas.looks very inviting.

  11. These look really good! I haven't made them before. It's on my list now...glad you posted this!

  12. Tempting, mouth watering sweets

  13. delicious Chirota .... with simple steps ....

  14. Lovely clicks! I had this wenever I visited my inlaws and I love it. its just so crunchy and sweet.

  15. Awesome chirita recipes dear...Fast fast pass it on

  16. The layers look perfect, delicious and tempting..


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