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Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun - Upwas/Fasting/Vrat ka Khana


       Navratri festival is just around the corner. Navratri festival is celebrated different regions in India. During these period, people observing 9 days fast and break their fast on ninth day i.e on ‘’Dussehra‘’. For this, devotees eat dry fruits, milk, yogurt and potatoes. Onion and garlic are not allowed due to their foul smell. There are several types of dishes which are made from sabudana/sago, potato, singhada and different types of fruits.


       My mom always observe fast for 9 days and she never wore footwear during this navratri fasting. Most of the days perform a partial fasting. They eat only one meal after a sunset. This is vary from region to region.


       Now onwards, I will post the recipes which are easy to make during fasting in Navratri festival, I have already posted Sabudana vada, Sabudana khichdi. Today I have for you all, a delicious dessert that is “Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun” which is made from sweet patato and milk powder. These are easy to make during fasting and tastes great. They were soft, juicy and very authentic. These gulabjamun are chewy like rasgullas but tastes delicious.They are low in calories and comparatively less sweetened. So what are you waiting for? Do try out this tasty dessert !!   


DSC_0526 - Copy

Prep Time: 15 minutes | Cook time:20minutes | Makes: 20



Boiled and mashed sweet potato

1/2 cup

Milk powder

2 cup

Cooking soda

A pinch


1 tsp


For deep frying

For Sugar Syrup


1.5 cup


1 heaped



5-6 strands




How to make?

  • Pressure-cook sweet potato. Peel and mashed it without any lumps.

  • For sugar syrup : Heat water in a pan and add sugar cardamom and saffron in to it.  Stir continuously.  When sugar syrup start boiling, check the one string consistency and switch off the gas. Transfer syrup into bowl and keep aside.

  • Heat a ghee/oil in kadai on low flame.  Meanwhile, in bowl mix mashed sweet potato, milk powder and soda. 


  • Mix all the ingredients and knead it until a smooth and soft dough. Apply some oil/ghee on your palm. Pinch a small ball and roll smoothly. Make sure the balls do not have any cracks, they should be smooth.  Prepare all the balls and keep aside.


  • Oil should not be smoking hot, just hot enough to fry. Fry the dough balls on low flame with constant stirring and turning over. Fry till golden brown in color.


  • Drained in paper towel and immediately prick holes on 2 places with toothpick and put it into sugar syrup. Rest for atleast 2-3 hours.


  • Garnish with pistachios and Enjoy !!


DSC_0553 - Copy



Notes :

  • These gulabjamun are chewy like rasgullas but tastes delicious.

  • Here Sweet potato are very juicy so that I added extra milk powder. You can +/- milk powder according.

  • You can add maida, suji or even corn flour for giving nice texture to gulabjamun.

  • If your sugar syrup is becomes cold while dipping gulabjamun. Just heat it for 2-3 minutes. Do not boil the syrup

  • Frying should be done on low flame only.

  • Gulabjamun can be stuff with dry fruits.

  • Turning and stirring very carefully as  they should not break.

  • Adding paneer gives extra taste.





  1. Sounds interesting.. must try for this navarathri...

  2. love to try this way too, looks delicious.

  3. wow! very innovative and tempting! never tried sweet potato gulab jamuns :)

  4. Amazing photos ,so tempting.i have tried this before but I haven't added milk powder instead add some Suji. And it vanished in no time,have to try one more time after seeing ur photos,wonderful clicks Sony.

  5. Wowww a big wow...this is just yumm.. Soft and delish..

  6. Innovative..looks yummy and soft.will definitely try this

  7. fabulous idea of making gulab jamun with sweet potato..too tempting & perfect,yummy clicks dear

  8. What a lovely idea...Sonali you are very innovative....I sure must try this for Diwali :)

  9. Wow Sony, they are so cute.Will try them soon. happy navratri

  10. Wow What a lovely gulab jamun. Perfectly made. Love it.

  11. Wow , they look so cute... very innovative

  12. Amazing idea! looks absolutely heavenly..

  13. What a fantastic idea; sweet potatoes for gulab simply marvelous. I'm also dropping down looking at the rounded beauties.

  14. Wow, they look yum.Will try sometime :)

  15. Hi Sona,Can i use potatoes instead of sweet potato.In that case,how many potatoes to use ?

    1. Yes you can use 2 small potatoes instead of sweet potato.

  16. I can feel the softness of the jamons............. by sight itself...nice and yumm

  17. Jamoons look so fluffy and delicious, very tempting..

  18. Wow this recipe is a keeper dear...the jamuns look so soft and love the idea of adding sweet potatoes...definitely going to try this for this festive season :)

  19. When i 1st saw sweet potato gulab jamun over net few days back i was so skeptical but after seeing ur made one im so tempted to try my own :)
    this looks so soft and nice!! sugar syrup has just reached in very nicely

  20. Wow dear I didn't know about your festival plus loving the post.. These gulab Jamen are so awesome .. Lovely post

  21. wow tempting !!!!!!!!!super clicks too

  22. Sweet potato gulab jamun looks delicious Lovely treat for any day.

  23. surely will try these gulab jamuns. Always looking for new recipes to serve during fasting and can be also on ekadashi days.

  24. Very inviting gulab jamuns............looks awesome.

  25. Very innovative ! loved it! Your pictures of gulab jamun are excellent !

  26. Lip-smacking. Thanks for share.


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