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Layered Chapati – Ghadichi poli - How to make layered chapati/roti/poli/ghadichi poli–With Video


       A typical Maharashtrian lunch or dinner usually start with chapati. This is Indian flat bread or roti or poli which is made in almost every part of India. These are served with veg curry.When I started cooking, I could never roll out properly and they were coming out hard. Then my mom told me easiest way to roll out one layer chapati. This is quite easy way to make it soft and fluffy. Even my husband’s bachelor friends are using this trick. Winking smileThen after my school, I learned to roll out “ two layer chapati”

        Today I am sharing my way of making chapati which is called ‘’ghadichi chapati‘’ in Marathi, Ghadi means fold and ghadichichi chapati means folded chapati. My mom always says that, ‘’More fold means better and soft chapati’’.  Mom always made ghadichi chapati and the aroma during chapati making is just divine. I know it is very difficult to make ghadichi chapati, but with little practice and patience, you can learn and make soft chapatis.Open-mouthed smile




Prep Time: 35 minutes | Cook time: 1 minutes per chapati |Makes: 10



Wheat flour ( I used atta)

2 cup

Soya bean flour

2 tsp


1-2 tsp


To taste


As needed


How to make?

  • In mixing bowl add wheat flour,oil and salt to taste and mix well. Slowly add water  and knead soft pliable dough. Cover and keep aside for 25-30 minutes. Apply some oil on your palms and knead the dough again till it becomes soft. Make a equal lemon size balls from the dough and keep aside.


  How to make One Layer Chapati? 

  • Heat tava or griddle on medium flame. Take a small bowl of dough deep in dry flour and roll out in oval shape. Apply some oil on the surface and sprinkle some dry flour. Then gently squeeze in between and fold the two sides together.
  • Roll out thin chapati, deep in flour if needed. Carefully transfer on tava, roast from both sides. Now you can see One layered chapati.
    How to make Two Layer Chapati? 
  • Take a small bowl of dough deep in dry flour and roll like puri. Apply some oil on the surface and sprinkle some dry flour, then fold it into half to form semi-circle.
  • Again apply some oil on the surface and sprinkle some dry flour, then fold it and make triangle. Apply little flour and roll out thin chapati. Roll on the edges and keep turning chapati frequently while rolling.

  • Transfer the chapati on tava, roast from both sides. You can see the layers of chapati.
  • Enjoy hot chapati with homemade ghee and your favorite curry!!
DSC_5616 - Copy
Video : How to make ghadichi chapati
Notes :
  • Do not apply excess flour while rolling chapati, otherwise chapati becomes hard.

  • Roll out edges thin and avoid rolling too much at the center of chapati, otherwise it will become thin at center and thick at the edges and chapati wont puff and become hard.

  • Cover the chapatis in cheese cloth or muslin cloth and put them in hot box. It stays fresh and soft for 2 days.

  • After all chapatis are done, keep it in the hot box, do not keep uncovered.


  1. didn't know about this way to make layer rotis. looks so good.

  2. What a fluffy chapati,Like the video attempt :-)

  3. well explained recipe...The chapathi layers have come out so good

  4. Tremendous, love that first method, different and new one for me..

  5. Nicely explained recipe, very useful and looks very fluffy!

  6. i liked the way you explained the recipe thanks dear

  7. Hi Sony,
    The chapati video is simply awesome so perfectly made oh I can never get the rounds so well.
    Also thank you so much for the encouraging on my blog.Glad to join this awesome space.

  8. My Mom makes exactly like this...i love the addition of soya bean flour...very well explained dear...very nice clicks too

  9. Its very nice and I loved layered chappathis. Will try making by the first method.

  10. I love the detailed photos! Amazing recipe Sony! Im gonna have to try this soon!

  11. These look so soft! Love the perfect rounds... would love to try this!

  12. Very soft & perfectly made to follow your recipes.

  13. Nice and soft layered chapattis. Very nicely narrated too.

  14. Really impressive and those are simply divine.

  15. very nicely explained,I too make this smtyms..lovely!

  16. lovely and yemmy ghadichi chapati...simply love the easy way of folding chapatis..Sony .P

  17. Awesome & soft made it perfectly dear.

  18. I thought if the Rotis are roasted directly on stove top, they come out with a layer. this is very new and interesting way to get layers. Superb idea sony :)

  19. Nice post. I like your blog. thanks for sharing preparation of layered chapati. I like this chapti.It looking so nice.
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