Wednesday, August 27, 2014

उकडीचे मोदक - Ukadiche Modak–Traditional Steamed Modak Recipe–Ganesh Chathurthi Recipe



           Are you guys ready to welcome Ganesha ? Even I am also very excited about Ganesh festivalOpen-mouthed smile. All the preparations are almost done. Cant wait to enjoy those 10 festive days ‘’Genesh utsav’’.  Today I have you all one of the popular sweet made during Ganpati festival in Maharashtra. Modak has very special importance in the worship of lord Ganesha. It is ritual of offering 11 or 21 modaks to lord as a offering “Naivedya”

           Ganesh chathurthi is celebrated all over India, but it is celebrated with more enthusiasm in MaharashtraSmile. The Ganesh chathurthi is one festival, I have grown up with where idols of Ganesha brought to home and people are invited to pray and take prasad. I can never forget those days when we all siblings comes together, make all the decorations and lighting till late night and wait for Ganesh chathurthi .

           Coming back to the recipe, Ukadiche modak is Marathi word which means ‘’Steamed modak’’. The sweet filling is made of fresh coconut and jaggery and the cover is made of rice flour. I like to use modak mould while shaping modak. It is very easy and quick method. Like the neat and proper shape which it gives. Try out this “Ukdiche modak’’ As a “naivedya” for Ganesha.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Besan Ladoo - बेसन लाडू - How to make Besan Ladoo - Ganesh Chathurthi Recipe 2014

 DSC_5750 - Copy

     Ganesh Chathurthi is one of the most auspicious day in India. Just Few days more and the celebration will begin for 10 daysOpen-mouthed smile. During this festival people makes ladoo and modak. Besan ladoo is must for any festival and celebration in India.It  is very easy to prepare with few ingredients.You can add more dryfruits and made more healthier. 


      Under this recipe, we roast gram flour and ghee. Mix it with sugar and cardamom powder for great flavor. While making besan ladoo, it is most important to roast gram flour properly. If you do not roast well, the uncooked gram flour will ruin the taste of ladoo.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Layered Chapati – Ghadichi poli - How to make layered chapati/roti/poli/ghadichi poli–With Video


       A typical Maharashtrian lunch or dinner usually start with chapati. This is Indian flat bread or roti or poli which is made in almost every part of India. These are served with veg curry.When I started cooking, I could never roll out properly and they were coming out hard. Then my mom told me easiest way to roll out one layer chapati. This is quite easy way to make it soft and fluffy. Even my husband’s bachelor friends are using this trick. Winking smileThen after my school, I learned to roll out “ two layer chapati”

        Today I am sharing my way of making chapati which is called ‘’ghadichi chapati‘’ in Marathi, Ghadi means fold and ghadichichi chapati means folded chapati. My mom always says that, ‘’More fold means better and soft chapati’’.  Mom always made ghadichi chapati and the aroma during chapati making is just divine. I know it is very difficult to make ghadichi chapati, but with little practice and patience, you can learn and make soft chapatis.Open-mouthed smile



Monday, August 18, 2014

Ragi Chocolate Muffins – Eggless Butterless Whole Wheat Muffins



            I am not a big fan of cakes and muffins, but my daughter and husband both love to eat desserts, cakes, fudges etc……  Every time I am trying to give my family healthy and nutritious food.  These chocolate ragi muffins are surely a healthy treat for my family. This muffins recipe adapted from here, the muffins came out extremely well. Look at the muffins, It is very hard to guess that there is a ragi in the muffins. This is eggless, butterless and flour less recipe which everyone wants to try it out !! As far as the texture, it is moist and soft.


             I made Ragi Chocolate Muffins for “Shhhhh Cooking Secretly Challenge”conducted by Priya. This month I am paired with Anitha Sundramoorthy My secret ingredient is Ragi and Chocolate. I made this super healthy and nutritious muffins.


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chocolate Blueberry Ice-cream - Easy Homemade Ice-cream recipe

 DSC_5209 - Copy


          No salt, No machine, No shaking needed for this rich, creamy  and refreshing ice cream. Can you believe in just 5 minutes work you get this?Winking smile It is creamy, sweet, tasty and perfect summer treat !! Homemade ice cream is so fun and quickly made. All you need is only hand mixer, and you are done with this eazy peazy ! I found this recipe on YouTube , I thought  I attempt some homemade ice cream to share with you. I hope you feel inspired to give it a try and let me know how it turns out.Smile

Monday, August 11, 2014

Wheat Flour Peas / Matar Chakli–Easy Chakli Recipe

DSC_5359 - Copy_edited-1 

              This is first time I made these crispy and crunchy chakli without adding oil or ghee. Chakli is everyone favorite because of its crispiness and I love to making themWinking smile. This recipe is adapted from cookbook which I got it from my last India trip. Decided to try out and turn out great. Adding peas paste into flour to make flavorful and healthy chakli, I know its deep friedBe right back!! This was a successful experiment and I’am happy with the outcome. Will be surely making these very often.              


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Balushahi / Badusha–How to make Balushahi



              Are you looking for classic sweet to celebrate most awaited festival that is ''Raksha Bandhan'' Open-mouthed smileTo celebrate a wonderful bond between siblings here is a soft and flaky and melt in mouth ''Balushahi''. I had bookmarked this recipe long time and I think this is the best to try it out. Tried 2 days ago and it was super duper hit and my family loved it. Balushahi is not difficult as ones think it is. There are certain important steps to be followed while making them and if you follow them, you will be successful. Badusha is very famous Indian dessert sold in most of the mithai shops. Badusha in south and Balushahi in north. Pinch lemon size balls that are shape out of a dough consisting of maida, butter and curd, deep fried in a golden shade and coat in a warm sugar syrup. Try out this classic dessert and treat to your family.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Veg Laziz–Mix Veg Recipe


          The name says itselfSmile. Today I am sharing ‘’ Veg Laziz ‘’ a rich, Punjabi style subji, full of flavors and variety of vegetables. This is quick dinner or to serve your guest in short notice, this worked best for me. My guest gives a positive feedback and kids also loved this subji. One of the richest gravy so far I tried and tasted. So I am sure you feel happy once you try and serve this !!


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