Thursday, February 13, 2014

Red Velvet Milkshake–Valentine day recipe


                 Happy Valentine’s Day !! The most special day for Sweethearts Red heart. On this beautiful day, we have completed our five years of happiness and togetherness. Our Anniversary is a time to look ahead to our dreams together. I still remember, spending every moment and thinking about each other, talking on the phone for long hrs, our first dating and many more. I love you for being my strength when I am weak, for being my rock through hard times and for being a caring person that you are. You are my best friend and I am so blessed to have you as HusbandSmile. For our celebration on this day, I prepared sweet and easy Red velvet milkshake. This is my first valentine recipe, sure you will like it!!



Prep Time: 5 minutes | Serve : 1 large glass



Chocolate Ice-crème

2 scoop

Red gel food color

2/3 drops

Vanilla essence

1/2 spoon

Whole milk

1/2 cup



How to make ?

  • Combine all the ingredients in blender and blend for few times until smooth.


  • Give it good stir. Pour into the glass.

  • Top up with whipped topping .



Notes :

  • You can use red velvet cake instead of chocolate ice cream.

  • If you want you can use low fat milk.


  1. Yummy milkshake ..Lovely presentation :)

  2. Gorgeously presented and with lots of love. Enjoy the moments with your hubby. To both of you, Happy Valentine's day.

  3. Wow....this is awesome...very well presented

  4. Tempting milkshake.. Looks too gud with the whip on top..

  5. Delicious milkshake, perfect for the occasion..

  6. Hi sony, first time here.. u hav a wonderful blog.. milkshake looks delicious..

  7. Yummy shake . Perfect valentines day treat.

  8. this looks really so beautiful...

  9. Looks very tempting and a quick dessert awesome...

  10. Yummy dessert.Loved the presentation too :)


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