Friday, January 6, 2017

Green Chutney & Tamarind Dates Chutney / Easy Chat Chutney Recipes

           I know everyone can familiar with these chutney's. Chats are incomplete without these flavorful, tangy & lip smacking chutneys, isnt it? In India these two "Green & Sweet Chutney" are very famous with any chat items.Here, I do not get the exact taste that we get it in Indian roadside vendors. Today I am sharing my way of making chutney and very happy that its taste almost close to vendors chutney. Both the recipes are very easy to make and very handy for Soya Broccoli Cutlets, Aloo / Potato Kurkure, Palak Pakoda etc. It gives a nice taste & flavor to your any chat.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Easy & Quick Matar / Mutter Paneer - How to make Restaurent Style Matar Paneer

     Yayyyy, I'm finally here with a Paneer recipe !! Last week I was got a request from one of my reader (Neeta) to post easy and quick recipe of "Matar Paneer". Today I'm sharing popular, buttery creamy recipe of North India. Each household in India has its own way to make this curry. Matar Paneer is a creamy, delicious combo of juicy, soft paneer and green peas in mild spicy onion tomato gravy.My family enjoyed with hot chapati and salad.

      So here is quick and easy Matar Paneer recipe which can be made within 15 min.  The curry goes well with hot chapathi/parathas with carrot raita or boondi raita

Monday, May 16, 2016

Instant Raw Mango Pickle–Instant Aam ka Aachar


                Mango pickle is made with raw mangoes which are very flooded in the market nowadaysDrooling. Summer is about to start and I cant stop to buy theses fresh green mangoes. This is simple yet quick recipe, commonly found  in every household. My mom used to make this in summer seasonSun, It consists of raw mangoes diced, oil, spices and salt as the basic ingredients. Every house and every region has its own recipe of making a mango pickle.When it comes to any pickle recipe, the most challenging part is preserving it. Try out this super easy and quick pickle recipe which can be made under 15 minutes ! My family enjoyed with hot ‘Cheesy Tomato Rice’ and ‘Chapati”. Its yummy and lip smacking !Happy


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